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====> Introduce Yourself

You are Kohara [meaning mother of all tuna] Divona [meaning goddess of a fresh water spring.] and you have a Passion for Alternian history and for the meaning in names. You also have a fiery love for marine life and seashells. You have a vast collection of trinkets and jewelry you had traveled to the shoreline to retrieve, and you are very proud of it. 

In your veins is the most noble color on the caste, Fuchsia, and you take pride in it. You make it a note not to belittle others however, because that’s just rude! Besides there are other more interesting yet less classicist ways of being rude. Also you rather like other trolls, so why downplay them? 

Your lusus whispers to you, tells you things, and you listen to them, and in return bring food which you obtain though any means. 

On Trollian you are clairvoyantLoremaster and ]-[ow you typé s]-[ows s]-[ows a lot ]-[alibut you. 3véry bit of it. 

Once you enter the Medium you will fulfill your role as Mage of Light in the Land of Sonata and Swamp. You are a Derse Dreamer. 

[The top image is her edited with horns and her symbol in her crown, the bottom is the original image made by the user linked below.]

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